Digital Marketing Strategies for Local & Enterprise Maine Brands

Immersive Maine Digital Marketing Strategies & Communications.

We made the connection over 25 years ago that most potential customers, the “lion’s share,” prefer to compare & shop on the internet before making a concerted decision to purchase goods & services online. Dirigo Digital’s adept brand strategies attract new business prospects that interact with your eCommerce store & drives new customers to visit your brick-and-mortar location.

Establishing your brand for continued growth is a time-intensive endeavor; a journey that is as unique as each of us. We are not your cookie-cutter digital marketing agency. At Dirigo, each online business presence is analyzed from a technical perspective & an exclusive plan-of-action is deployed.

We analyze your website’s strengths, vulnerabilities, Search Engine Result Page (SERP) ranking & overall digital presence. We compare your digital presence with top ranking websites offering similar products & services as your business. Following best practices detailed by Google Search Essentials, we work to increase your business’s customer base & sustaining customer retention.

Local & Statewide Digital Marketing Campaigns

Our Maine digital marketing campaigns, local & statewide, identifies your target audience & presents your brand to customers with immersive ubiquity. To accomplish these advertising goals, Dirigo incorporates social branding & management, digital P.R. & reputation management, content marketing & digital design across multiple internet channels & platforms (all in-house).

Both new & existing websites benefit from our tailored marketing campaigns & website performance techniques. When you partner with Dirigo, expect the highest quality & an all-encompassing service.

Social Media Network Branding & Management

Dirigo Digital Gets Social Media Networks.

There are hundreds of social media networks available to showcase your Maine brand & according to UMaine, there are an active 4.8 billion social media users worldwide. It’s vital to present your audience updated & relevant content media on these platforms that clearly expresses your companies mission & brand. Dirigo Digital is well versed at managing local & global enterprise companies on top-level social networks.

Social networks like YouTube provide your business prospects with a personal, first-person experience with your products, staff & style. There is no other form of advertising that can compare to this; where your customers get to know you before purchasing your products.

Digital Public Relations (P.R.) & Reputation Management

Digital P.R. & Reputation Management Services.

Digital P.R. & reputation management promotes your online image & provides an overall positive “atmosphere” of your online reputation. This requires constant gardening of your company’s brand. With Dirigo Digital, we help you reach your existing customers & potential business clients with a stellar portrayal of your company & brand across several internet news & media channels.

Online reviews are an integral part of every eCommerce business. Dirigo’s proactive customer outreach emboldens the potential for a positive response across the leading review mediums, such as, Google business profiles, Yelp, GoodFirms is a leading B2B research, review, and listing platform that helps businesses grow their digital presence. The GF platform provides a fact-based list of the best services and solutions to connect service providers with service seekers. & Trustpilot.

Content Marketing & Fresh Digital Media Designs

Content Marketing & Fresh Digital Designs.

Dirigo Digital produces quality, researched & high-converting digital media content that engages all genre of Mainers. We publish your media where it matters most; relative publications & authority websites that bolster your brand. Dirigo’s media presentations are meticulously tested across multiple channels to ensure our digital designs are fresh, responsive & on-point.

Does your web content, or design need an update? Stale & outdated content, know as, “content decay” is a documented factor that search engines take into account when ranking a website. Search engines want relevant, up-to-date information presented to their users.

Get the Lion’s Share of Potential Customers

Get the Lion's Share of New Maine Customers with Dirigo Digital Marketing.

When customers visit your storefront, they expect an accessible, responsive & secure environment. The same expectation rings true when it comes to your online digital presence. Maine brands should stand out above the rest & provide their customers’ with thoughtful web & social experiences. Dirigo Digital follows best practice guidelines & ensures to bridge any communication gaps between client prospects & 👉 you.

Maine, the way digital marketing should be!
“The way digital marketing should be!”
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