Maine Search Engine Optimization πŸŽ‡ SEO

Maine Search Engine Optimization πŸŽ‡ SEO by Dirigo Digital.

Search engine optimization (SEO) incorporates numerous aspects of a website’s content (on-page & off-page), taxonomy, responsiveness, human interaction factors, security & website performance metrics that are all expressed to multiple crawlers & bots deployed by search engines. At Dirigo Digital, we are professional SEO technologists with over 25 years experience directly working with local & global enterprise eCommerce businesses & brands; 🌎 Globally benchmarked earning 4th place internationally in a highly-competitive SEO ranking challenge hosted by the software company WIX.

Dirigo Digital improves the rankings & visibility of Maine business websites & online company profiles utilizing best practices that are set forth in Google Search Essentials & all major search engines such as, Bing, Yahoo & πŸ¦† DuckDuckGo. We produce elaborate local citations for all Maine industries within our network & scale backlink profiles that neighbor competitor ranks in all major Search Engine Result Pages.

We establish dominating digital presences for our clients’ brands integrating Dirigo’s trifecta of services comprised of contemporary SEO strategies, web dev & boundless backlink & analytical resources from Maine’s full-service digital marketing agency–Dirigo Digital πŸŽ‡

Local SEO πŸ“πŸ—ΊοΈ Citations & Maine Business Profiles

Local SEO πŸ“πŸ—ΊοΈ Citations & Maine Business Profiles.

Our local SEO strategies focus on search engine results that feature businesses in regional results such as, Google maps pack. This includes localized search terms like, “business x near me” & “best business x in town.” We optimize our clients’ websites to dominate local Maine search results & bridge the inbound organic & paid traffic into eCommerce conversions.

We map a website’s complete backlink profile & ensure all business citations (the business’s profile on public platforms) are accurate & match our client’s current business data, such as, their phone #, address, products, services & industries’ descriptors. This consistency helps fuel organic search traffic growth & establishes trust with search engine spiders.

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

On-Page SEO

Today’s on-page search engine optimization techniques require extensive technical & analytical skills. Dirigo Digital produces semantically relevant meta data, schema & immersive website content to improve real-time interaction & increase organic search traffic. Our expertise in site loading time & website performance is unmatched.

Dirigo Digital is highly-skilled at auditing a website’s health & performance status. We assimilate several measures to fix our clients’ website errors that may lower the website’s SERP ranking qualifiers, such as, updating the website’s coding & media to web friendly versions.

Keyword Density πŸ‘‰ Unique, Quality Content & User Intent

First & foremost, a website’s on-page content must be unique, high-quality & directly relate to the searcher’s intent. Not only do these requisites satisfy search queries & provide context to search engines, this improves end user interactions, conversion rates & lowers bounce rates. We strategize E-E-A-T methods that center on experience, expertise, authoritativeness & trustworthiness.


The Google quality rater staff (comprised of real humans) analyzes websites’ contents for authenticity & first-hand “Experience” of the published topic. Our team fully experiences our clients’ products & services through deep study & analytics; Dirigo Digital provides an absolute customer centric perspective when publishing high quality web content for eCommerce conversions.


Google Search Quality Rater Guidelines specifies that “Expertise” is rated on the depth & knowledge of the content presented on a webpage & not specifically the entire website as a whole. Google wants to present results that are published by subject matter experts. Dirigo Digital only publishes thorough, well researched content that is fact-checked & processed rigorously by our expert editorial team.


Your brand’s online reputation is everything! Top ranking websites have users that share & view their content across various review & social platforms because the website is the answer to their search query. Search engines reward websites that are the “go to” source, the Authority” for information. Dirigo has several strategies to keep your Maine customers wanting to comeback & check out your fresh-interactive eCommerce content.


Raters are looking for websites that are legitimate, transparent & accurate. Search engines Trust websites that are open about where, who & what the website is all about. In other words, the contact & registration information matches the author & intent of the published piece. Links pointing to other domains within the published content are also rated on quality & rewarded if the link inclusion adds benefit to the origin content.

Schema Markup & Structured Data

Schema Markup & Structured Data.

Schema Markup & Structured Data coding adds quantitative & categorical elements to websites that are showcased in search engine results. These refinements include additional data, images, informational tables, columns & rows that clearly quantify a product, or service to search engine spiders & real time users. Structured Data provides comparable datasets that are displayed on Search Engine Result Pages.

Utilizing Schema Markup explicitly classifies the contents of a webpage more-clearly to search engines & real people searching for enhanced statistical information about products & services. Classifying structured datasets benefits On-Page SEO & can equate to more relevant & frequent search queries, SERP impressions, higher clickthrough rates (CTR) & an increase is organic traffic.

XML + HTML Sitemaps & πŸ€– Robots.txt

XML + HTML Sitemap & Robots.txt

Creating sitemaps for both search engines & real time users highlights the crawlability & hierarchy of a website’s content structure. Extensible Markup Language (XML) sitemaps are a discovery tool primarily for search engine bots to crawl a website’s contents entirely & index the sitemap’s listed webpages in the Search Result Pages (SRPs). Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) sitemaps are constructed live, onsite for human visitors & provide improved website accessibility & navigation functions for end users.

πŸ€– Robots.txt is a plain text file that sets crawl rules for search engine bots accessing a website. A robots.txt file allows the creator to set the domain’s crawl budget & direct which webpages the search bots are allowed, or not allowed to crawl. A properly configured robots.txt file is a useful SEO tool for the prevention of duplicate content issues & improves crawl efficiency by regulating the ranking order of the webpages crawled by search engine bots. Best practices includes a hyperlink to the website’s XML sitemap coded within the robots.txt file.

Search Engine Marketing & PPC

Search Engine Marketing & Pay Per Click Ads Management.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) sponsored ad placements in the SERPs gets your website ranked to #1 for a set fee. The costs per clicks are calculated by the keyword search volume & the website’s current organic ranking for the searched term. Dirigo Digital manages our clients’ SEM campaigns utilizing paid search & pay per click (PPC) options available from several major search engines & social platforms.

We optimize search engine marketing ads with targeted descriptions, semantics & pinpointed demographics. Dirigo strategizes our clients’ SEM campaigns based on conversion rates & ROI.

Off-Page SEO πŸŽ‡ Our Specialty

Off Page SEO, Relative Backlinks & Backlink Audits.

Not all backlinks are created equal! Dirigo Digital fully audits our clients’ backlink profiles & many of their top competitors’ backlinks. Dirigo’s SEO technologists’ techniques & tools avow every backlink pointing to these domains. We target highly-relative backlink opportunities & match any competitors’ off-page presence; Our Specialty πŸ‘‰ Dirigo blazes new trails launching your Maine digital presence far beyond the competition. We get relative backlinks through white hat methods that are broadly inaccessible to rival brands.

Some backlinks may even be harmful to a website’s SERPs ranking. Dirigo Digital has the know-how & technologies readily accessible to disavow any negative domain, or URL pointing to your Maine website. Typically, these links consist of backlinks from poor quality websites, or links from domains that may be unrelated to your brand’s message. Unrelated & poor quality backlinks cloud a website’s keyword profile interpreted by search engine spiders.

SEO for Crawlers, Spiders & People!
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